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1. DNA photolyase (photoreactivating enzyme)
A DNA repair enzyme which recognizes and removes dimer s that have formed between pyrimidine nitrogenous base s on the same strand as each other, as a result of too much ultraviolet radiation . The enzyme can only do this if visible light is present.

2. DNA polymerase II
An enzyme that aids in DNA replication . It has a number of different functions, including the repair of ultraviolet radiation damaged DNA.

3. Photoreactivation (light repair)
The repair of DNA that has been damaged by ultraviolet radiation , by the DNA repair enzyme photolyase , which requires the presence of visible light .

4. Ultraviolet radiation (UV)
Electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 200 nanometers and 400 nanometers. Exposure to excessive UV radiation damages DNA and can cause health problems such as skin cancer and cataracts in the eyes.