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Chromatography software is software that collects and analyzes chromatographic results delivered by chromatography detectors.

Many chromatography software packages are provided by manufacturers, and many of them only provide a simple interface to acquire data. They also provide different tools to analyze this data.[citation needed]

The most common tool is "integration": It computes simple areas to delimit peaks by adding valleys automatically or not. Areas are computed between two valleys, a signal, and a baseline.[citation needed]

Applications are also available for simulation of chromatography, for example for teaching, demonstration, or for method development &/or optimization.

The following is a list of software and the (unexplained) tools that each provides:

Chromatography software
Name Publisher Control Analysis Type Comments
GC-SOS[1] The 4S Co. No Yes GC simulation-optimization
Malcom[2] Schlumberger No Yes GC/GC-MS
ChemStation[3] Agilent Yes Yes LC/GC/LC-MS/GC-MS XML, Macros
EZChrom Elite[4] Agilent Yes Yes LC/GC
OpenLAB CDS[5] Agilent Yes Yes LC/GC/LC-MS/GC-MS
Chromeleon[6] Thermo Scientific Yes Yes GC/LC/IEX/MS
Empower[7] Waters Yes Yes GC/LC
OpenChrom[8] Philip Wenig No Yes GC/LC open-source EPL, Control planned
Atlas CDS[9] Thermo Scientific Yes Yes GC/LC
Clarity[10] DataApex Yes Yes GC/LC/MS
Mass Frontier[11] HighChem Yes GC/LC/MS
MassLynx[12] Waters Yes LC/MS
LabSolutions[13] Shimadzu Yes Yes LC/GC
PowerChrom[14] eDAQ Yes Yes LC/GC/CE
ChromStar7[15] SCPA Yes Yes LC
PrepCon5[16] SCPA Yes Yes LC-Prep/MS
Unicorn 7.0[17] GE Life Sciences Yes Yes LC/GC/LC-MS/GC-MS
TRILUTION LC[18] Gilson Yes Yes LC
ChromNAV[19] JASCO Yes Yes LC
CHROMuLAN[20] PiKRON Yes Yes LC open-source[21] GPL
ChromaTOF[22] LECO Yes Yes GC/GC-TOF-MS

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