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Hemimastix amphikineta.png
Hemimastix amphikineta
Scientific classification

Doflein 1916
  • Spironemataceae Doflein, 1916
  • Spironematellidae
  • Spironematellaceae Silva 1980
  • Paramastigidae
  • Paramastigaceae Skuja 1948

Spironemidae is a family of heterotrophic flagellates, in the group Hemimastigophora. They vary in size and shape from the ellipsoid Hemimastix amphikineta (14 × 7 μm) to the vermiform Spironema terricola (43 × 3 μm), and are united by the possession of two rows of cilia, called kineties.[1]

Phylogenomic analysis shows that Hemimastigophora are a distinct and ancient lineage of eukaryotic organisms, forming a possible sister clade to the supergroup Diaphoretickes.[2][3]



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