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The Baghela (Vaghela or Baghel) are a Raghav Agnivanshi clan of Rajputs. They are found in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh in India, and the province of Punjab in Pakistan.

History and origin

The name of this clan is derived from the Sanskrit word vyaghra, meaning a tiger. They are descended from Bagh Rao or Vyaghra Deva, son of Rai Jai Singh, the Chalukya ruler of Anhalwara Pattan. They migrated from Gujarat under Vyaghra Deva, and settled in the upper valleys of the Sone; the region is now known as Baghelkhand. They were rulers of the princely state of Rewa. The clan is divided into two gotras, the Kashyap and the Bharadwaj.

The Baghela or of Punjab are said to have emigrated from Gujarat with the Kathias, another Rajput tribe, and are seen in that province as clan of the Kathias. They, like other Rajputs of Punjab, have converted to Islam.

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