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Baron Christoph Freiherr Fellner von Feldegg (13 October 1779 – 10 May 1845, Leipzig) was an Austrian army officer and naturalist.

Fellner was born in a noble family in Krumau, Bohemia, where his father was a princely forester in Schwarzenberg. Fellner went to a military academy in Vienna and in 1808, became a sub-lieutenant in an army battalion and fought in the Battle of Aspern-Essling under Archduke Karl. He also served in the Regiment de Vaux in 1813 where he distinguished himself. In 1815 he was knighted in the Military Order of Maria Theresa. Feldegg fought in the Napoleonic wars and in recognition of his many gallant deeds was created a Baron in 1817. He served in Dalmatia, eventually becoming Colonel and Commanding Officer of the 6th Battalion of Chaseurs.[1]

Feldegg took a special interest in the birds of Dalmatia and accumulated a large collection of natural history specimens. He was a correspondent of C. L. Brehm, John Gould and Hermann Schlegel, and served for a time with the ornithologist Dr Karl Michahelles. His collection was donated to the Natural History Museum in Prague.[1]

Feldegg had a number of birds named after him, including a subspecies of the Lanner falcon Falco biarmicus feldeggi and the black-headed wagtail, Motacilla flava feldegg, the Balkan and Black Sea sub-species of the yellow wagtail.[1]


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