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Eileen Anne McLaughlin
ResidenceNew Zealand
Alma materUniversity of Bristol University of Glasgow, University of Newcastle
Scientific career
FieldsAssisted reproduction
InstitutionsUniversity of Newcastle, University of Auckland

Eileen Anne McLaughlin is a New Zealand biology academic. As of 2018 she is a full professor at the University of Auckland.[1]

Academic career

After a 1993 PhD titled 'The effect of cryopreservation on human spermatozoa' at the University of Bristol, McLaughlin moved to the University of Newcastle,[2] and then to the University of Auckland rising to full professor.[1] She is shortly to take up a position at the University of Canberra.[3]

Much of McLaughlin's research involves in vitro understanding of the principals of assisted reproduction.

Selected works

  • Koppers, Adam J., Geoffry N. De Iuliis, Jane M. Finnie, Eileen A. McLaughlin, and R. John Aitken. "Significance of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species in the generation of oxidative stress in spermatozoa." The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 93, no. 8 (2008): 3199-3207.
  • Wardle, P. G., E. A. McLaughlin, A. McDermott, J. D. Mitchell, B. D. Ray, and M. G. R. Hull. "Endometriosis and ovulatory disorder: reduced fertilisation in vitro compared with tubal and unexplained infertility." The Lancet 326, no. 8449 (1985): 236-239.
  • Hutt, K. J., E. A. McLaughlin, and M. K. Holland. "Kit ligand and c-Kit have diverse roles during mammalian oogenesis and folliculogenesis." Molecular Human Reproduction 12, no. 2 (2006): 61-69.
  • Asquith, Kelly L., Rosa M. Baleato, Eileen A. McLaughlin, Brett Nixon, and R. John Aitken. "Tyrosine phosphorylation activates surface chaperones facilitating sperm-zona recognition." Journal of Cell Science 117, no. 16 (2004): 3645-3657.
  • Telfer, Evelyn E., Roger G. Gosden, Anne Grete Byskov, Norah Spears, David Albertini, Claus Yding Andersen, Richard Anderson et al. "On regenerating the ovary and generating controversy." Cell 122, no. 6 (2005): 821-822.


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