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Frogman may refer to

In diving

  • Frogman is a popular term for a scuba diver, particularly in military and other combat-type operations
  • Frogman is a model of wristwatch by Casio
  • The Frogmen was a 1951 movie about World War II United States Underwater Demolition Teams
  • Frogman was a tradename used by Siebe Gorman for a brand of diver's drysuit in the 1960s and perhaps earlier
  • Frogman was a tradename used by Spearfisherman (company) for a brand of diver's drysuit made in the 1945 and perhaps earlier
  • Frogman was a nickname of the United States Navy Search and Rescue Swimmers who picked up Astronauts who splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean.



  • Frogman (Oz character) was a The Wonderful Wizard of Oz series character; he is a man-size talking frog
  • In the Marvel Comics universe:
    • The Frog-Man is a minor superhero associated with Spider-Man
    • Frog-Man (Ani-Men) is a Marvel Comics supervillain
    • 'The Frogmen' was a 1960s USA published Dell comic book about the adventures of a group of divers.
    • Leap-Frog, also known as Frog-Man, is also a Marvel Comics supervillain
  • The word "frogmen" was used for frog-like monsters made out of men in the Hellboy comic by Mike Mignola. See Ogdru Jahad#The role of the "Frog monsters"

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