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Gottlieb Conrad Christian Storr (1749–1821).

Gottlieb Conrad Christian Storr (June 16, 1749 in Stuttgart – February 27, 1821 in Tübingen) was a German physician, chemist and naturalist.

In 1768 he obtained his doctorate from the University of Tübingen, where from 1774 to 1801, he served as a professor of chemistry, botany and natural history.[1] He is the taxonomic authority of the genus Mellivora, whose only species is the honey badger (Mellivora capensis).[2][3]

Published works

In 1781 he performed extensive scientific investigations in the Swiss Alps, publishing "Alpenreise vom Jahre 1781" (1784–86, 2 volumes) as a result.[1] Other noted written efforts by Storr include:

  • "Dissertatio inauguralis medica, de curis viperinis", 1768 (with Ferdinand Christoph Oetinger 1719–1772).
  • Entwurf einer Folge von Unterhaltungen zur Einleitung in die Naturgeschichte, 1777.
  • Ueber seine Bearbeitungsart der Naturgeschichte, 1780.
  • "Investigandae crystallifodinarum oeconomiae quaedam pericula", 1785.[4][5]
  • "Idea methodi fossilium", 1807.


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