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Santa Clara/San Francisco/Oakland/
San Jose, California
City of license Santa Clara, California
Channels Digital: 42 (UHF)
Virtual: 1 (PSIP)
Affiliations (see article)
Owner OTA Broadcasting LLC
(Operated by Major Market Broadcasting)1
(OTA Broadcasting (SFO), LLC)
Founded June 1, 2009
Sister station(s) KRDK-TV, WRJK-LP
Former callsigns K22DD (May 31, 1989-September 17, 2001)
KAXT-CA(September 17, 2001-August 10, 2011)
Former channel number(s) 22 (1989-2009)
Former affiliations TBN (1989-2003)
Almavision (2003-2006)
Tele Vida Abundante (unknown)
Transmitter power Digital 15 kW
Facility ID 37689
Transmitter coordinates 37°29′57″N 121°52′16″W / 37.49917°N 121.87111°W / 37.49917; -121.87111
Website http://www.kaxt1.com

KAXT-CD is a low-powered digital television station licensed to Santa Clara-San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, California. Founded May 31, 1989, the station is owned by OTA Broadcasting LLC.


KAXT-CA was a low-power analog class-A television station. The station previously broadcast in analog on UHF channel 22 as a network affiliate of Spanish-language Christian television Tiempos Finales TV, formerly being an affiliate of TBN from 1990 to 2003, and of Almavision from 2003 to 2006.

KAXT began ATSC digital TV transmissions on UHF channel 42 on July 31, 2009 with the call sign KAXT-LD, later becoming KAXT-CD. The station was the first digital television station to broadcast 12 video streams on a standard 6Mbsp; 6 MHz 19.39 Mbit/s ATSC stream. Using statistical multiplexing technology in the encoders and multiplexer, the system provides variable bit rate compression needed to provide full quality standard definition video across all of the channels with enough bandwidth for radio (audio only) services.

Broadcast Engineering nominated KAXT as Station of the Year for 2009,2 the first low power television station to receive such a distinction.

The DTV virtual channels between KAXT-LD's Channel 22 (physical: 42, formerly 22) and KRCB's Channel 22 (physical: 23) Cotati, had significant overlap that caused a PSIP conflict, allowing KAXT-CD to move to a new virtual channel, Channel 1. KAXT operates with a PSIP of Channel 1, with 12 different video program streams and one audio-only channels for a total of 13 virtual channels.

Digital subchannels

Digital Channel Format Programming
1.1 What's On Over the air TV Program Guide w/Direct Response in video window
1.2 Retro TV Classic TV Programming
1.3 QVC Shopping
1.4 VietBay Vietnamese Cultural & Spiritual
1.5 Quê Hương Vietnamese2
1.6 NetViet Vietnamese
1.7 VieTop Vietnamese
1.8 Creation TV Chinese/Cantonese Christian
1.9 UChannel Chinese/Taiwanese
1.10 Tiempos Finales Spanish Christian
1.11 Jewelry TV Shopping
1.12 NetV Vietnamese/English
1.13 TBD Audio only Channel

Former affiliations

Digital Channel Programming
1.1 WhatsOn - Electronic Program Guide listing of all over-the-air TV stations in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose DMA
1.2 Quê Hương - Vietnamese, later My Family TV
1.3 Diya TV - America's first-ever South Asian Broadcast TV Network
1.5 Coastal Television Network - Tourism focused channel based in Monterey, California
1.6 Vietoday - Vietnamese, later My Family TV - English family-oriented programming
1.7 My Family TV - lLater SKDTV - South Korean Digital Television
1.8 FAN - 24/7 Filipino channel, later Vietface - Vietnamese
1.9 KCTV - TVHS - Taiwanese
1.10 Tiempos Finales - Spanish Christian
1.11 Jewelry Television
1.12 TheCoolTV
1.13 QH Radio (Radio on TV)
1.14 C Music (Radio on TV)
1.15 La Voz (Radio on TV)

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