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Voous (left, 1970)

Karel Hendrik Voous PhD, MA (23 June 1920, Huizen – 31 January 2002, Huizen) was a Dutch ornithologist and author.

He was Secretary-General (1966–1970) and Honorary President (1990–1994) of the International Ornithological Committee.


Books in English

  • On the history of the distribution of the genus Dendrocopos (1947)
  • Birds observed and collected during the whaling expeditions of the "Willem Barendsz" in the Antarctic, 1946–1947 and 1947–1948 (1950)
  • Owls of the Northern Hemisphere
  • List of Recent Holarctic Bird Species


  • The EBCC Atlas of European Breeding Birds, T & A D Poyser, 1997 ISBN 0-85661-091-7 (foreword)

Books in Dutch

  • Afwijkende populatie koolmezen
  • Phylloscopus Bonelli Bonelli in Nederland Gevangen
  • Roofvogels en Uilen van Europa