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Marc Zender is a Mayan anthropologist. He is known for his contributions to the study of Mayan society and language. He was a Lecturer at Harvard University's Department of Anthropology and a Research Associate at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Marc is known for decoding several Mayan hieroglyphs and translating them. As of Fall 2011 he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Tulane University and is teaching Classical Nahuatl, Intermediate Mayan Hieroglyphics, and History of Writing.1 He has been featured in a documentary on Mayan civilization that ran on cable television.

Dr. Zender is also known for teaching a class in the summer of 2009 about the languages of The Lord of the Rings under the name of "Tolkien as a Translator" at Harvard.

Dr. Zender was raised in Canada and attended high school in Brampton, Ontario.


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