Stefano delle Chiaje

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Stefano Delle Chiaje (25 April 1794 – 18 December 1860) was an Italian zoologist, botanist, anatomist and physician.

Stefano Delle Chiaje
Bivalve shells collected by Poli and Delle Chiaie, in a plate from Poli's long-running series Testacea Utriusque Siciliae eorumque historia et anatome

Delle Chiaje studied medicine in Naples, where he was a pupil of Giuseppe Saverio Poli. Together they started compiling books on the bivalves and the gastropod molluscs of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. He later taught pathology and performed research in the field of malacology.

He is also remembered for his research in the field of botany, especially medicinal plants, and of zoology, with particular reference to the taxonomy of invertebrates of the Kingdom of Naples.[1][2] In 1842 he was admitted as an associate to the Accademia nazionale delle scienze in Rome. From 1846 to 1860 he was the curator of the "Museo di Anatomia Umana" at Naples.


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