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Studio album by Seal
Released Unreleased
Recorded 2001
Genre Pop/Soul
Length Unknown
Label Warner Bros. Records
Producer Henry Jackman & Seal
Seal chronology
Human Being

Togetherland was originally intended to be Seal's fourth album and was to be released back in 2001. Contrary to various reports, Warner Bros. Records turned down the album because it was dissatisfied with the end result. Seal recorded and released Seal in its place, and decided to put Togetherland into a "vault", where the album has remained since.

Over the years, fans have been able to listen to 30 second clips as well as streamed, full versions of some of the album's songs, to which many of those songs received high praise. On July 1, 2007, a book titled The Greatest Music Never Sold1 was released and makes mention of Togetherland as well as other popular artists whose music has been kept hidden away.

The only song from Togetherland to be released commercially is "This Could Be Heaven" (originally entitled simply "Heaven"), which was featured on the soundtrack of the motion picture The Family Man. The recording of the track, however, is different from the version that was recorded for Togetherland.citation needed

Track listing

  1. "(Just a) Step Away"
  2. "Keep On" (Original title "Champagne")
  3. "Love Is Better"
  4. "Elise"
  5. "Under the Sun"
  6. "Heaven"
  7. "English Lover" (Duet with Emiliana Torrini)
  8. "Breathe"
  9. "All I Wanted to Say"
  10. "Let It Ride"
  11. "Togetherland"


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