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Tommaso di Maria Allery, marchese di Monterosato (Palermo, 27 June 1841 – Palermo, 1 March 1927) was an Italian malacologist.[1]

He was born in Palermo, Italy, in 1841 and died there in 1927. He became a distinguished scholar of the Mollusca in the Mediterranean, appreciated by students of malacology from around the world.

Given his reluctance to field research, he collected a considerable amount of specimens to be studied in collaboration with other scholars. During his many travels in Italy and abroad, he kept many contacts with famous malacologists.

His scientific production was of considerable importance. He described many new species, enumerated the Mediterranean shells and studied the fossil deposits of Mount Pellegrino. According to the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) he has named 345 marine species, many of which have become synonyms [2]

Shell of Gibberula secreta, species named by Monterosato in 1889

Species named after Monterosato

The following marine species were named after Monterosato, many of which have become synonyms [3]

Others were given names with epithets based on his name Allery


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