Wu Kai Sha Station

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Wu Kai Sha
Hong Kong MTR rapid transit station
Wu Kai Sha Station.jpg
Hong Kong MTR system map
Hong Kong MTR system map

Location of Wu Kai Sha Station in Hong Kong
Station location and services
Line  Ma On Shan Line
Code WKS
District Sha Tin/Tai Po
Area Wu Kai Sha
Coordinates 22°25′45″N 114°14′38″E / 22.4291°N 114.2438°E / 22.4291; 114.2438Coordinates: 22°25′45″N 114°14′38″E / 22.4291°N 114.2438°E / 22.4291; 114.2438
Service hours 0540-0037
Station design
Livery  954535
Structure Elevated
Platforms 2
Type of platforms Island
Exits 3
Shops 1
Opened 21 December 2004

Wu Kai Sha Station
Simplified Chinese 乌溪沙
Traditional Chinese 烏溪沙
Literal meaning Dark Stream Sand
Wu Kai Sha Station Exit A1
Wu Kai Sha Station Exit B

Wu Kai Sha Station is the northeastern terminus on the Ma On Shan Line of the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system in Hong Kong. It is located between Sai Sha Road and Sha On Street, serving the many housing estates and schools nearby.

The station was originally named "Lee On Station" when the Ma On Shan Line was under construction, because the station is located in the east of Lee On Estate.

The station is also intended to be the terminus of the proposed East-west Line.

Station layout

Platform 1  Ma On Shan Line towards Tai Wai (Ma On Shan)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right
Platform 2  Ma On Shan Line towards Tai Wai (Ma On Shan)
Concourse Exit A1, B, transport interchange, toilets
Customer services, vending machines, MTRShops
Footbridge to Sai Sha Road
Exit Exit A2, Sai Sha Road


  • A1: Sai Sha Road Wheelchair user access
  • A2: Sai Sha Road
  • B: Lake Silver Wheelchair user access

Exit A is connected to a bridge over Sai Sha Road, and mainly serves the Li Po Chun United World College and the Wu Kai Sha village. Exit B serves the bus terminus next to the station, as well as the private housing estate of Monte Vista and Lake Silver, and is within walking distance to the housing estates of Lee On Estate and Kam Lung Court, as well as the Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School.

Neighbouring stations

Preceding station   MTR   Following station
Terminus Ma On Shan Line
towards Tai Wai

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