Sequence Manipulation Suite:
Range Extractor DNA
Range Extractor DNA accepts a DNA sequence along with a set of positions or ranges. The bases corresponding to the positions or ranges are returned, either as a single new sequence, a set of FASTA records, or as uppercase text inside of the original lowercase sequence. Use Range Extractor DNA to obtain subsequences using position information.

Paste a raw sequence or one or more FASTA sequences into the text area below. Input limit is 500000 characters.

Enter the base positions or ranges to be extracted. Use ".." to represent a range, and use a comma to separate entries. The words 'start', 'end', and 'length' can be used in place of digits, to represent the beginning, end, and length of the sequence. Arithmetic expressions can be included in the ranges. For example, to remove the last three bases of a sequence, the range '1..(end - 3)' can be used.

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  • Obtain bases from the strand.
  • Sequence segments should be returned as
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